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PGR city model
A view of the geometry assembled for the "Project Gotham Racer" trailer's "city of light and smoke"...

Championship Gaming Invitational

Fable 2

Click for larger versions.


The Entrance

The concept for the spot is a city of "light and smoke", raised up in the shadow of the eclipse.

The statues were meant to to evoke an art deco sensibility, of two muscular figures pushing the sun and the moon together. They were sculpted in a flattened relief perspective, with minimal detail as they are seen so fleetingly. For the walls surrounding the city, I was instructed to draw inspiration for "Dark City".


The City

The city as a whole was used only for a few wide shots as the city forms and dissolves. It consisted of about 40 hero buildings and half a dozen low-poly components which were procedurally replicated at random scales and rotations throughout the layout. The same hero buildings were used in the street level shots.

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