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Just wrapped a project at Galactica VFX/NBC.

Finished compositing work at Zoic Studios on a Geek Squad commercial.


I have been doing a lot of compositing and motion graphics in After Effects, and have been enjoying expanding my knowledge of the robust AE 7 Pro toolset. I'm currently looking for new opportunities to flex my AE muscles. My new motion graphics reel will be online soon.


Added some temp After Effects clips... Click here.


I've been keeping busy working at Radical 3D on season two of "Dogfights," which airs on the History Channel. (Check out the mini-site here.) Radical is a small boutique shop which affords me the luxury of working individual shots all the way through from layout, through animation and rendering, out to final comp and delivery.

I recently completed a trailer for up-and-coming new channel "The Fright Channel", which you can watch here.

Pics from Celebration IV. Click here.

Added new, temp motion graphics materials...

Added shot breakdown page and bonus materials...

Added temporary demo reel.
Added pic page for Call of Duty.

I guess its about time I get around to finish putting this site together. I had a couple of interesting freelance jobs which kept me pretty busy through the holidays, but I don't have much of an excuse not to get on it now... =)

Added pic page for Gotham Racer.

12 -15-06
I'll be cleaning up the site and organizing things more. Some of the links on the left and above are active now, others, not so much. But rest assured they will all be working soon. Enjoy!

After letting this sit stagnant for most of the last year while I've been slammed with work, I've finally got a little extra time around the holiday season to get things updated. Feel free to look around... some stuff is done and more is on the way soon.